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Building Update.

The Estate is very busy at the moment with new houses going up at a fast rate. There are new faces as residents move into their new completed homes. Winter is here and it is dark on the Estate when the builder's start. Everyone seems to be indoors by 19h00 enjoying their homes warmth. The parks are looking in good health with park benches for those who enjoy the winter air.

Speeding is still a BIG problem on the Estate; please note that the speed limit is 35km's per hour. Fines will be enforced for all those who speed.

Please note that there are more and more children living on the Estate so please stop at the stop streets, yield when necessary and do not speed.


by Jéan van Marcke

Winter is upon us. This does not mean that the construction has cooled off though. As you will see from Bianca's report we have reached fifty completed homes, with a further twenty seven under construction at the moment.

On that note, Kelderhof has always encouraged "green" building initiatives. Now, however it is law. As of the 15th of April all new building plans, submitted to council, have to include energy usage calculations in accordance with the City of Cape Town's "XA Regulations".


So, if you are the proud owner of a plot at Kelderhof and you intend joining the family of residents any time soon, please remember that your architect will need to include solar geyser/ heat pump, fenestration and insulation details on your plan. Please refer to the City of Cape Town's website for more information.

On the Security front, we are working hard at keeping our residents safe. The introduction of a guard dog by Xone Security seems to have helped in this regard. He patrols the Northern perimeter of Kelderhof, with his handler, from 7 in the evenings until 7 in the morning. Seven days a week. Now, that's what I call dedication! The guards also use the thermal camera every night to monitor the Southern boundary, closest to the railway line. These initiatives have resulted in an incident free month. Hopefully this will continue for the foreseeable future. We are also in the process of digging a trench along the fence line and filling it with building rubble. Hopefully this will stop would-be thieves from digging under our fence.

Also, the electric fencing contractor has confirmed that they will start with the full-strand electrification of the fence in June 2012. The fence should be completely covered by full-strand electric wires in the next three to four months.

Please remember that security is a joint effort. Please make sure that if you reside at Kelderhof, you have the contact numbers for the guard house and please do not hesitate to contact them at any time the need may arise.

Here's to wishing all a happy winter. Snuggle up with a loved one and keep warm.


Sales to Date 231
Completed Houses on Site 50
Houses Under Construction 27
Expected Construction Activity within Next 6 Months 30
Plots Available 212

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Managing Agent Reminder

The Kelderhof HOA is very happy to have emails sent to their offices to deal with any issues so please do not hesitate to contact Bianca Solz on 021 700 5444 or better still to email Bianca on If your email address has changed please send us the update so that we can make the necessary changes to our mailing list.

The SGM minutes are in draft form and will be circulated to the Trustees for comment. These will then be circulated to all Members of the HOA thereafter. Thank you to all members who attended and provided input into this key meeting for the Owners Association.

The next Trustees Meeting will be held on the 11 July 2012. We have also launched a dedicated email address to the Kelderhof HOA Trustees; please feel free to email them with your input, suggestions and feedback on HOA related matters at

The Trustees will consider all relevant matters and will provide appropriate feedback on a case by case basis. We trust this will assist further improving the communication between Trustees and members of the HOA.

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