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Building Up A Storm

THE ESTATE is growing every month with new houses on the go and new faces as residents move in. The late sunsets bring a good feel to the Estate, and everyone seems to be out and about even with the very hot weather we have been having over January. The plants are growing at a fast rate, with the parks looking lush and green. There are 30 residents on the Estate with 5 new families moving in over the next 3 months.

SECURITY We need to bring your attention to some very important issues. There have been a handful of incidents on the Estate, Xone Security have been in meetings with the Management to sort these issues out. Security will be increasing their patrols within the East side so as to ensure that no incidents occur again. We will also be having extra guards patrolling on the outer edge of the Estate so that the fence is patrolled more. Remember that just because we live in a beautiful Estate it still means that we have to remain vigilant and we should keep windows and doors secured to avoid incidents happening on the Estate.

TheWeb is busy installing handsets to various residents. You will be happy to know that TheWeb have installed the handsets at the guardhouse and will be connecting each resident to the guardhouse by the middle of February, this will help when visitors come onto the Estate as Security can then contact residents announcing guests onto the Estate. Residents may also choose to install an internet connection with TheWeb. Please note that the installation of an IP phone for communication with the Guardhouse is mandatory for every dwelling on the Estate, as set out in the Constitution. For those of you who may not be too technically minded, an IP phone allows all residents within the Estate to communicate with the Guardhouse and any other resident in the Estate free of charge. Telkom lines have also been laid, so any resident who would like a Telkom telephone line connected to their home can contact Telkom directly to arrange this service.

SPEEDING has been reported on the Estate, please note that the speed limit is 35km's per hour, a fines will be enforced for all those who speed. There are more and more children living on the Estate so please stop at the stop streets, yield when necessary and do not speed. Things would be very unpleasant if a person were hurt because of speeding. Please also look out for animals The HOA has also sent a blanket email to all contractors and builders that they will be banned from the Estate and fined if they are caught speeding, so if you see anyone speeding take down their number plate, report it to Jean, the Estate Manager and he will fine the transgressor.

We will still remind you to use the new KHOA bank account for all levy payments. (nr:...8208).

Just a reminder for those who never got to read the September 2011 Newsletter, there has been an amendment to the Architectural Design Guidelines relating to setbacks on the "L" shaped house. Please find the new document on the Kelderhof website under the "Documents" tab or contact the Managing Agent for a copy.


Sales to Date 219
Completed Houses on Site 32
Houses Under Construction 25
Expected Construction Activity within Next 6 Months 30
Plots Available 212

Special Offer


WOW! What A Start To 2012.

by Jéan van Marcke

Those living on the estate will have noticed that the new year has started with a lot of new activity on the construction front. At the current rate we will need to start with the development of the amenities on the central circle sooner than anticipated. Unfortunately, less the savoury elements of our society have also decided to start the year with a bang.


We have had four incidents since the start of January and I have been fielding many calls from concerned residents. Please be assured the security team and I share your concerns and we are working very hard behind the scenes to nip this scourge in the bud. We have brought in an extra guard to the night shift and residents will have noticed that the police do random patrols through the estate, at night, to help deter would-be thieves.

In the mean time we have been having meetings with the local police commissioner, as well as the local policing forum to establish a neighbourhood watch and more visible policing. We have also ordered two fixed thermal cameras and one mobile thermal camera, as well as a look-out tower. There are many more proposals and ideas about beefing up security in the future, to ensure that all our residents are happy and feel safe.

It is my sincere wish that all at Kelderhof enjoy living here and that we can all work together to ensure many happy years together.

I am including some pictures taken from Ridgemor Farm that will give you a new view of the activity at Kelderhof.

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Managing Agent Reminder

The Kelderhof HOA is very happy to have emails sent to their offices to deal with any issues so please do not hesitate to contact Bianca Solz on 021 700 5444 or better still to email Bianca on

The HOA's financial Year End is the end of February 2012, we need to have a SGM within the next 3 weeks Please check your email for this important meeting date.

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