Kelderhof Country Village
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The Building Buds of Spring

After what could only be termed a "mild" winter, we're on the fast track to summer sun once again.

Spring heralds new life and at Kelderhof we expect no different, although we're not only referring to plant life. As the first set of Construction Commencement dates approach in October, we expect building to blossom on the Estate.

Read on for more information about the project's new conveyancing attorneys and another piece from a happy new resident.

On an internal note, TheWeb will complete installation of fibre optic cabling on the Estate shortly, meaning it's nearly time for residents to install their intercom IP phones for communication with the Guardhouse. Residents may also choose to install an internet connection with TheWeb, should they wish to – a notice will be circulated shortly with contact information for TheWeb to arrange installations.

Please note that the installation of an IP phone for communication with the Guardhouse is mandatory for every dwelling on the Estate, as set out in the Constitution. For those of you who may not be too technically minded, an IP phone allows all residents within the Estate to communicate with the Guardhouse and any other resident in the Estate free of charge.

The Telkom lines have also been laid, so any resident who would like a Telkom telephone line connected to their home can contact Telkom directly to arrange.

Please note that the "old" KHOA bank account (nr: ...7147) has been closed. Please ensure all levy payments are made to the new account (nr:...8208) going forward.

Lastly, there has been an amendment to the Architectural Design Guidelines relating to setbacks on the "L" shaped house. Please find the new document on the Kelderhof website under the "Documents" tab or contact the managing agent for a copy.


Moving On In

by Jéan van Marcke

Wow! Now things are ticking along nicely! With a horde of new residents moving in and lots of activity on the construction front, it is really starting to feel like a community is developing. With 17 homes completed and 13 of these occupied, as well as another 8 homes to be completed within the next month, it will definitely be a busier Christmas at Kelderhof this year.


We have had the fiber optic cable installed and TheWeb will be installing connections to individual homes from this week. If you are living on the estate, or have tenants in your home, you can expect a call from Talia at TheWeb soon. She will explain the procedure around getting your home connected to the internal intercom system. Clause 6.2 of the Kelderhof Code of Conduct reads: "Communication from each erf to the gatehouse will be by telephone. Members/residents may be required to install a dedicated facility/service to support this function, at their own cost." It was decided by the HOA Trustees that having a once off connection fee, would be preferable to escalating monthly line rentals and call fees to Telkom. As a result, a deal was struck with TheWeb that they would install the connection from each home to the guard house via a fiber optic network at a cost of only R 1 500.00 once off. Once you are connected, you have the option to subscribe to TheWeb's high speed internet and voice-over IP service. This service should be negotiated between each owner and TheWeb directly. Alternatively, owners may decide to use Telkom's telephone and ADSL service. The infrastructure is in place, so the choice is yours.

Houses are not the only things that are growing at Kelderhof. It's spring and the empty plots are looking decidedly overgrown again. So the tractor will be back to do the plot clearing next week. In a few weeks Kelderhof will be sporting "short back and sides" once again.


Sales to Date 212
Completed Houses on Site 18
Houses Under Construction 20
Expected Construction Activity within Next 6 Months 30
Plots Available 218

Special Offer

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Professional Team: Elana Hopkins

Dykes van Heerden

The Kelderhof Development has moved to Dykes van Heerden as development attorneys. Kelderhof enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Webber Wentzel previously and hope to do the same with Dykes van Heerden.

The Dykes van Heerden Group consists of young, dynamic and well respected firms of attorneys with offices situated in Bellville, Roodepoort and Durban. It has the privilege to act for a number of large financial institutions and corporate clients as well as numerous individual clients.

There are five partners in the Bellville branch, namely, Peter Dykes, Johan van Heerden, Louis Slabbert, Elana Hopkins and Garth Dykes. The Group is always looking for opportunities to broaden its horizons and to improve the service rendered to its clients.

We specialize in conveyancing, commercial work and developments. We act for a number of developers who instruct us to attend to the registration of the development transfers and end user bonds.

The Group has developed an innovative online system allowing attorneys to track the progress of each transfer. We also employ a number of highly qualified and efficient conveyancing secretaries to ensure the turnaround time for conveyancing matters is consistently fast. A number of professional assistants, commissioners of oath and candidate attorneys are employed to attend to clients who are unable to visit the DVH offices. They spend their days assisting clients with the completion and signature of documents at the client's home or office. It is our policy to ensure transactions are made as pleasurable as possible, with as little inconvenience as possible.

New Resident's Report: Tristan Kelly

After moving into our new country home at Kelderhof Village, we realized how much we have been missing. The wildlife has stunned me - birds for Africa, not to mention the constant sounds of a Fish Eagle. We have seen Cape Grysbok, some wild hares and a friendly mongoose roaming around from our bedroom window on many occasions and feeding amongst the vineyards. The sunsets, the mountains, the vineyards and quietness of the area have stood out most. We are loving our stay and are very excited to see the development expanding so quickly.

Big thank you to Xone security for the excellent service they are providing, we are very impressed with your professionalism.

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