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Wintery Winds & Revitalising Rain

As a whole, people of the world seem to dislike winter whether it's a cold, crisp winter like those inland or a wet, windy coastal winter. There are advantages though – sleeping in, hot chocolate, soup and no inclination whatsoever to tan and hence the diets go out the window! There are advantages out at Kelderhof too – all the dry grass scorched by the summer sun is now a lovely fresh green compliments of constant watering from the season.

In other news, the Harcourts team is settling in nicely as the Kelderhof Resident Agents in the newly spruced up Sales Office on site.

We're expecting a big increase in construction activity on site in the next month or two, despite the miserable building weather.

Read on to find out why there's never been a better time to build at Kelderhof as well as Jéan's monthly report.

Sales to Date 195
Plot & Plan Units Sold 22
Completed Houses on Site 10
Houses Under Construction 19
Expected Construction Activity within Next 6 Months 30
Plots Available 235


by Jéan van Marcke

It Never Rains, But It Pours.

"It never rains, but it pours," that's how the saying goes. It is usually uttered in response to a series of bad luck situations occurring in quick succession, but it seems that the saying can also refer to good things happening.

I walked into my office this morning and saw that I had received an e-mail from Telkom (believe it or not, they are capable of returning one's communication) stating they will start with the installation of our phone lines next week!


As if this news is not good enough, Dave Child (Kelderhof Design Review Committe) and I had a meeting yesterday with the representatives of a company that can supply Kelderhof with a fibre optic network at an extremely reasonable rate. Now, for those of you who do not know me, I was born BC (that is Before Computers), so a lot of what was said in the meeting went straight over my head. However, even I can appreciate that up-and-download speeds of 4 megabytes per second are lightning fast. What the techno-geeks tell me is that this will allow the residents of Kelderhof to not only surf the net faster than almost anywhere else, but they will also have access to voice-over IP. That means free telephone calls within the estate and vastly reduced rates to outside numbers. We are in the process of confirming and finalising the details of the installation of the fibre optic network and will have news to you on this as soon as it is ready to go.

So, on the technology front it is pouring and the rains have made everything on site look clean and new and green. The future is bright!

Special Offer

Purchase one of our architect-designed homes that has already been built for you. Benefit from the better finance that's available from most banks on a property that is completed. Why wait to have your home built for you if it already exists! Move in sooner and start enjoying the Kelderhof lifestyle.

Contact Harcourts on
082 820 4845
021 843 3163

to find out more and purchase your home at Kelderhof today.

Why Not Think About Building?

Harcourts Platinum are hoping that the activity at Kelderhof will encourage some existing plot owners to think about building. Owners could rent out the property once complete, move in, or even look to sell. A completed home is potentially a more saleable asset than vacant land at the moment.

With gross monthly rental incomes estimated to be between R7 500 and R9 000 per month, depending on the size of home, in many instances the rental would come very close to servicing the cost of the building on a plot that is already owned privately. This rental bracket is an active market segment at present in the Helderberg region. Harcourts can even assist in the rental management of your property. Why not talk to the sales team – Hornette Botha and Alistair Ormerod – or chat to the architects, or the building teams about your options. Visit for details.

Product Snapshot: Turnkey Home

All systems are go at the Kelderhof Country Village Sales Office. The new 'Turnkey' homes are attracting plenty of interest and bringing lots of prospective buyers to the estate. On offer is a 164m² Courtyard style home priced from R1 295 000 and a 179m² Barn style home from R1 375 000 (prices inc VAT). 6 homes are due to commence construction at the beginning of June with plans drawn for another 24 homes.

A 'Turnkey' home is different to a plot and plan purchase. A buyer will complete an offer to purchase and secure their funding. As soon as this is in place the construction will get underway, with an estimated building time of 6 months. Only when the home is finished and ready to be moved in to will registration and payment take place. The advantage of buying a property in this manner is that the banks are potentially able to offer a higher loan to value, in some cases even up to 100%, and view the property as a completed home rather than vacant land with a building contract.

"We are very excited by the buying options we have available" says Alistair Ormerod of Harcourts Platinum "and expect that building activity on the estate will pick up as a result. Interest in the estate has been high, with people visiting our sales office at the entrance to Kelderhof on a daily basis to be shown around the estate. The architecturally designed 'Turnkey' homes offer excellent value for money."

Harcourts Platinum will be hosting a cheese and wine evening at the Kelderhof Show House on Wednesday 22nd June from 6pm to introduce the Turnkey homes. If you wish to attend please RSVP to Dawn Spicer on 021 8512614 or email by the 15th June.

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