Kelderhof Country Village
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Hot & Cold

In contrast to the weather cooling down around the Estate, activity on site has been heating up! 5 of the new Turnkey homes are under construction by Brick 'n Board, keeping the site sizzling on the building front. On the other end, there's a new security team on site supplied by Xone Integrated Security – we're sure you've noticed the change! Read on for more information about them. On the sales front, Harcourts held a Cheese and Wine evening on 22nd June which went down a treat with an impressive turn-out despite the rainy weather. Lastly, on the Digital front, you can read about TheWeb who will be installing a fibre optic network on the Estate for wireless internet and VOIP.


Buildin' in the Rain

by Jéan van Marcke

Winter is well and truly upon us and there is no getting away from it. It's cold, wet and miserable, in other words, winter in Cape Town! But, we Capetonians do not let this get us down. We simply knuckle down and get busy - building, in this case. In the last month, seven new houses have been started and there are a few more planned for next month. So, even though the builders are up to their knees in mud, things are moving along nicely at Kelderhof.


The sales team, too, seem to be making the most of the cold weather. They held a launch of the Turnkey Homes product on the 22nd of last month and as it turned out it was… cold and wet! That did not stop a whole host of potential clients from turning up though. So, whether it was for the great wine and snacks or the prospect of owning a piece of Kelderhof, I do not know, but fun was had by all. Let's hope that by the time next winter rolls around there will be a lot of neighbours to complain to about the miserable Cape winters.


Sales to Date 197
Plot & Plan Units Sold 22
Completed Houses on Site 11
Houses Under Construction 18
Expected Construction Activity within Next 6 Months 30
Plots Available 234
Special Offer

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Sales Report - Alistair Ormerod

There's plenty of interest in Kelderhof with visitors every day to the Harcourts Sales Office. The first sales of the new 'Turnkey' product have been concluded and the prospective new owners are very excited.

Harcourts recently held a Cheese and Wine evening at the show house on the Estate. Owners along with prospective buyers were invited to view the show house and meet with the sales team, the architects, the developers, the builders and some of the Kelderhof management team. Despite the pouring rain inflicting itself on those attending, around 50 people braved the elements and had a fantastic evening - talking, discussing plans and buying options, catching up on Estate news, getting to know one-another , viewing some of the finishes on offer and, of course, enjoying a glass of wine in front of the roaring fireplace. The evening really created a united spirit and all those involved in the organisation are looking forward to the next Kelderhof Country Village function.

Supplier Features


Xone Integrated Security is a leader in the security industry with many years of experience. They provide guard services to Estates around the Cape Town area, including De Zalze, Schonenberg, Welgevonden and many more.

In order to acquaint yourselves with Xone, please read the attached Xone Newsletter from Director, Ian Downing, for more detailed information.


TheWeb Data and Services, a fully licensed Internet and VoIP provider, is excited to be underway with its installation at Kelderhof, a young and dynamic Estate filled with people who play an active role in the new digital society.

TheWeb run their own network, which currently reaches from the Koeberg nuclear power plant to Somerset West. The network is partly wireless, partly fibre optics-based.

Their core products are fast Internet and low-cost Voice over IP telephony.

TheWeb's network runs with target speeds of over 5000Kbit/s in both directions, with typical speeds of 7000Kbit/s. This allows fast downloads and uploads, as needed for high quality video conferencing or uploading emails with large attachments.

The gatehouse and all participating homes in Kelderhof will be connected with VoIP telephony. All calls within the network are free of charge and will help to keep the running costs for Kelderhof low. VoIP call costs into the public telephone networks are typically 30% - 50% lower than standard telephone calls, with even bigger savings on international calls. A call to the United Kingdom, for example, costs less than R5.00 per hour.

Participating homes can apply for up to 5 phone numbers free of charge, all working concurrently and without disturbing the web browsing experience.

No phone line is needed for VoIP telephony. TheWeb only charge for the phone calls and bill per second with no call setup charge.

The connection into Kelderhof is done with a fast wireless link to a single antenna on the Estate. The connection to the homes is based on a fibre optics network that provides sufficient bandwidth for the foreseeable future. This bandwidth cannot be achieved with traditional copper based networks.

TheWeb will set up a demo installation in the show-house, so current and future residents can get a hands-on experience with our services and products.

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