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Changes. Changes. Changes.

March certainly has been a month filled with many changes at Kelderhof Country Village.

A new Managing Agent, Prescient Property Services, has been appointed to administer the management of the Owners' Association - leading to a range of new faces, voices and email addresses for the Owners to get accustomed to.

We've also held a long overdue Special General Meeting, bringing the Owners up to date with what's been going on behind the scenes at Kelderhof. A new monthly levy of R600.00 was also approved at this meeting to cover the costs of a rapidly developing Estate. A new Trustee Committee was also announced at the meeting and Nicole Arnold was elected as the representative of the Owners. The Developers' appointed Trustees are Bradley Marsden of Gateway Property Developments, Robert Miller of the Miller Consortium and Dave Child of Prescient Property Services, who also serves as the head of the Design Review Committee.

Please visit our website at where we have recently uploaded the most recent documentation under the Documentation page, containing all the information Owners, Builders & Prospective buyers may need.

Please read on for more information about the Managing Agent, your new representative Trustee as well as a report from the Estate Manager, Jéan van Marcke.

Sales to Date 192
Plot & Plan Units Sold 22
Completed Houses on Site 7
Houses Under Construction 16
Expected Construction Activity within Next 6 Months 30
Plots Available 238


by Jéan van Marcke


Ornithology, the study of birds, is a hobby many people enjoy, and why not - it's a relatively inexpensive hobby and all you need to do is spot, photograph and document different types of birds. So, when I was asked to write something about Kelderhof, I thought to myself, "We have quite a wide variety of bird species on site, I'll just take some pictures and make all the amateur ornithologists out there happy." Not that easy, as I discovered! I know we have a breeding pair of Fish eagles that nest in the trees just on the other side of our North-West fence. I have seen them plenty of times – I promise! Besides them, plenty of Swallows, Herons, Cranes and even Falcons visit the site all the time.

The problem is, I suspect, as soon as I decided to take some nice photographs of the birds they all decided to hide. And they told their friends to hide. So to all budding ornithologist/owners out there, I have only this advice for you: come, build your houses and live on the estate. Trust me, there are plenty of birds to look at.


In the mean time we are hard at work with the pre-winter clean-up. The tractor is busy with the plot clearing and our in-house staff are sweeping roads to make sure everything looks spick and span.

On the construction side, things are picking up nicely. There are currently sixteen houses under construction and six completed on site and we are on track to have forty completed homes by year-end. Sales are also going well and the Sales Team is very busy showing prospective clients around and convincing them of what we already know - Kelderhof is a great place to live...and spot some birds!

Special Offer

With Kelderhof's convenient Plot and Plan option, you can choose your ideal home from a selection of exclusively designed house styles and we'll have it built for you – along with a choice of five exclusive finishes to round it off.

Go to and click on the Plot and Plan tab to view the house styles and colour palettes for the finishes.

Picking apples

Nicole Arnold:
Owners' Representative
on Trustee Committee

Nicole Arnold

Nicole Arnold is a proactive Member of the Owners' Association who is quick to voice her opinion and is one of the first residents on the Estate - in short, she is the perfect representative of the Owners on the HOA Trustees Committee.

Nicole heard about Kelderhof through cycling enthusiasts using the Estate for races & was attracted to it by the pastoral lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of being in town while still being in close proximity.

She highly recommends the Estate and is excited for more of the Owners to become Residents in the near future – it's amazing how quickly your house can be built she says. She does caution that plan approval through Council may take awhile, so have your plans submitted in good time.

Nicole believes her role as Trustee is to be someone Owners can speak to freely regarding their feelings about the Estate as well as any suggestions they may have. She strives to ensure that her living experience on the Estate is carefree, safe & well maintained & would like the same for the rest of the Owners.

Please contact the Managing Agent portfolio manager for Nicole's details if you'd like to get in touch with her.

Prescient Property Services:
Managing Agent

At the beginning of March Prescient Property Services took over the Managing Agent function at Kelderhof. Leigh-Ann Luckett was appointed as the Portfolio Manager for the Kelderhof Country Village Owners' Association amd since she started the Owners have become very familiar with her email address.

The Managing Agent generally deals with the administration of the Owners' Association as well as the daily management function on behalf of the Trustees, and under their direction, since they all have very busy lives of their own. Here's looking forward to building good relationships between the Members of the Association and Leigh-Ann going forward.

Please feel free to contact Leigh-Ann at: or on 021 700 5444.

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