Keeping up to date with Kelderhof Country Village news
  Congratulations to those of you who have now taken transfer and are on the way to planning and building their dream homes at Kelderhof Country Village. For those of you who have not had the chance to visit the estate recently, we are pleased to confirm that the service installation and underpass are complete and the developer is now focused on completing the balance of the infrastructure. The following items are currently in progress:

Phase 1 – Landscaping

Over the next three months, Phase 1 of the landscaping will be implemented and completed, which involves the installation of approximately R1,8 million of landscaping. Phase 1 includes the following:
  • Landscaping of the entrance to the estate;
  • Landscaping of the underpass;
  • Landscaping of the area along the railway line on Station Road;
  • The laying of grass and planting of trees to create two play parks within the estate;
  • The planting of trees around the central circle known as Victoria Circus.
Construction of the guard house

The tender for the construction of the guard house, including feature gabion walls, has been awarded and work is to commence during the month of June 2009 with completion due by 1 September 2009.

Construction of houses

The Design Review Committee, headed by a professional architect, Michael Kornmüller, is now processing plans submitted by owners in the estate for the construction of their homes. A detailed Plan Submission Process has been put in place and it can now be downloaded from the new Kelderhof website, The developer has also commenced with construction of the show house which is due for completion by 1 October 2009.

Exciting plans afoot

The plans for the clubhouse, including the winery and the tennis courts, are in process and awaiting approval by the City of Cape Town. The current plan is to locate the amenities on Victoria Circus which is the central circle within the estate. Details of the current plan can be downloaded on the Kelderhof website.

With so many exciting developments taking place at Kelderhof, we are very excited to keep you up to date with all the details. We look forward to seeing you soon and promise to keep in touch with you with regards to new matters of interest.